Early Childhood

In our dreams, we'd love to walk with each young learner through our Early Childhood Centers so they can feel the warmth and creativity of those special places at JIS. At least we can stop here to express our anticipation to the kids we'd love to meet. Click above to discover our thoughts toward each new student, and feel free to read them to your youngster as you eavesdrop.

Our Early Childhood program at JIS immerses children in an atmosphere of wonder, care, exploration, and growth, and it isn't long until their love of learning grows from the inside out.


The EC academic program is based on The Creative Curriculum ® for preschool, a comprehensive early childhood educational system that has been shown to promote cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and language development of children.

Young children learn best through direct sensory encounters with the world, rather than through abstract and formal academic procedures. The program is supported by qualified, committed adults who guide young children in their acquisition of knowledge and their development of content, skills and attitudes.

Four Areas of Development for Early Childhood Students

Social/Emotional Development

  • Achieving a sense of self
  • Taking responsibility for self and others
  • Behaving in a pro-social way        

Physical Development

  • Achieving gross and fine motor control 

Cognitive Development 

  • Learning and problem solving
  • Thinking logically and symbolically  

Language Development 

  • Listening, speaking, reading and writing 

The Learning Environment

The classroom and other learning spaces are organized to support interest areas that offer multiple opportunities for children to explore, discover and grow. These include:

  • Dramatic play
  • Music and movement
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Sand and water
  • Library
  • Toys and games