Early Childhood

In our dreams, we'd love to walk with each young learner through our Early Childhood Centers so they can feel the warmth and creativity of those special places at JIS. At least we can stop here to express our anticipation to the kids we'd love to meet. Click above to discover our thoughts toward each new student, and feel free to read them to your youngster as you eavesdrop.

Special Events

Throughout the year children are given the opportunity to engage in special events that are integral to our program. These include:

  • Indonesia Week
  • UN Day
  • Earth Day
  • Sports Day
  • Talent Show
  • Book Week
  • Science Night
  • Bingo Night
  • Concerts
  • Spirit Days
  • Other cultural experiences 

Many of these events are supported and run in collaboration with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

Children at each grade also leave campus several times a year to go on learning journeys which support the academic program.