Elementary School (Grade 1 - 5)

We're eager to connect with children, not only when they arrive on the Pattimura or Pondok Indah campuses, but right now. We hope our sketch of Elementary Life at JIS will help your child begin to imagine a school where we notice them, challenge them and believe in their ability to inquire, imagine, think and solve problems at levels that astound us all. 

At a young age our positive, self-directed students learn to draw from gifted teachers, mentors, counselors and other resources to enhance their education. Here are some of the resources Elementary students and parents value most.


Faculty are the most influential learning resource for students at the ES. They are a highly qualified and multicultural team, carefully selected for their ability to make a positive impact on student lives and learning.

Technology and Library Media Center (LMC)

Click here for a K-12 overview of Technology and Library Media Services at JIS.

Student Support Services 

Click here for a K-12 overview of Student Support Services at JIS.


Each elementary campus has on-site counseling to assist students, parents and teachers in support of the social and emotional needs of our young learners. Elementary Schools offer the services of a qualified School Psychologist for student assessment, support and intervention as well. 

English as an Additional Language

JIS offers English as an Additional Language (EAL) support for English language learners in Grades 1-5. The goal is to help each learner acquire English language proficiency in order to become successful in all areas of the curriculum. Admission to the EAL program is based upon fulfillment of JIS admissions requirements.  

Learning Support

Students with mild learning needs will find a caring, individualized approach and support structure that helps them access the JIS Curriculum. Services available to students include Learning Support, Speech and Language Therapy and Intervention. Learning Support is a broadly based program, offering support to regular classroom teachers, parents and students. All students are registered in regular classes and must function with a minimum of special assistance. 

JIS does not have the facilities to serve children who have serious learning, emotional or physical disabilities. If your child is receiving special services, such as learning resource instruction, remedial teaching, speech/language therapy or seeing any educational specialist outside the regular classroom, please contact the school and discuss your child's situation.