High School (Grade 9 - 12)

High School is about preparing for life's possibilities. All of them. Even the ones that haven't been imagined yet. It's a place where students who are given enough self-direction, mentorship, trust and responsibility will experience their own personal excellence and learn to give it away. We assure you that pathways offered by both the IB and AP programs as well as by service, the arts and co-curricular adventures give JIS students exceptional choices for further learning worldwide. There's more, too. Here are the details we'd love to convey to the teen in your life.


The High School includes grades 9-12 and serves approximately 850 students between the ages of 14 and 19 on the Cilandak Campus. Our highly qualified faculty totals around 100.


Homeroom and Mentorship

In the first semester of Grade 9, you'll belong to a homeroom group with other members of your Project Week Trip cohort. After Project Week in 9th Grade, and for all of Grades 10-12, you'll belong to a Mentorship Group led by an adult mentor of your choosing from the HS community.

HS Schedule

Each school year is divided into two semesters of study. Your courses may span one semester, one year or two years (in the case of IB courses). A student’s schedule consists of 7 courses (grade 9 and 10) and 6 or 7 courses (grade 11 and 12). Students are not permitted to take 8 courses; they have an Honor Pass at least once in a two day cycle.

The “Honor Pass” (student free period) 

A valuable aspect of HS student life within the JIS High School and part of what defines us as a self-directed community of positive learners. A student can choose to see teachers, conduct research, do homework, socialize, eat, etc. during Honor Pass. Many students are involved in a variety of after school clubs, sports, music and travel for lengthy periods of time to school: the Honor Pass plays an important role in reducing potential stresses on students and allows them t o be balanced, involved, sustained and thriving young people. 

Of Interest

Dress Code

JIS has a dress code but not a uniform. That usually comes as good news to students. Details are provided in Admissions materials and in the Divisional Handbooks for parents who still aren't quite so sure.

Where Can I Eat?

You won't go hungry at JIS. Full breakfast, lunch and dinner options are available at reasonable prices in the JIS Wantilan cafeteria. The cafeteria also hosts ethnic food outlets, a fresh fruit stand, and a coffee stall. The High School student store, and two parent-run stores: the Booster Hut and D'Toko, offer a range hot meals, sandwiches, salads, home-baked treats, snacks and beverages for students and parents.