High School (Grade 9 - 12)

High School is about preparing for life's possibilities. All of them. Even the ones that haven't been imagined yet. It's a place where students who are given enough self-direction, mentorship, trust and responsibility will experience their own personal excellence and learn to give it away. We assure you that pathways offered by both the IB and AP programs as well as by service, the arts and co-curricular adventures give JIS students exceptional choices for further learning worldwide. There's more, too. Here are the details we'd love to convey to the teen in your life.

If you enjoy sports and are serious about the arts, you'll love IASAS.



JIS belongs to the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools which competes with six top international schools in Asia. IASAS schools host each other for tournaments, exchanges, conventions and competitions. Three IASAS seasons per year frame the HS sports and cultural competition calendar. See the IASAS website for more details.

IASAS Sports 

Boys and Girls Varsity and Junior Varsity sports teams follow the IASAS season schedule at JIS each year.  

  • Season One: Cross-Country, Volleyball, Soccer
  • Season Two: Basketball, Rugby/Touch, Swimming, Tennis
  • Season Three: Track and Field, Badminton, Softball

Golf is also included, but not as an official season sport.

IASAS Cultural Events

  • Cultural Convention: Drama, Dance, Forensics and Debate, Music and Art
  • Model United Nations
  • Mathematics Competition 


Club offerings change each year to reflect the interests and ideas of students. Activities and club themes include sports, languages, hobbies, music, cinema, crafts, photography, dance, conservation, social causes, health, animals. Many active nationality clubs exist as well. Watch for club signups at the beginning of each semester.

Community Service Clubs

Beyond Service Learning in the curriculum, High School students invest in the local community in multiple ways. Students currently raise funds and awareness for worthy causes, volunteer at orphanages, build homes, provide disaster relief, participate in schools for the handicapped, and adopt projects in Indonesian communities close to JIS. The HS community service clubs include TAA (Tolong Anak Anak), the GK Club, Habitat for Humanity, Medical Mission Club among many others.

Student Government

At the High School, student government includes central student government, class government and student liaisons. If you're new to JIS and interested in student leadership we encourage you to get involved in student government at a level that's comfortable for you. Involvement in student government offers opportunities to attend a leadership retreat, work as part of a team toward common goals, develop leadership skills, enhance planning, organization/time management skills, extend social contacts and make friends.