High School (Grade 9 - 12)

High School is about preparing for life's possibilities. All of them. Even the ones that haven't been imagined yet. It's a place where students who are given enough self-direction, mentorship, trust and responsibility will experience their own personal excellence and learn to give it away. We assure you that pathways offered by both the IB and AP programs as well as by service, the arts and co-curricular adventures give JIS students exceptional choices for further learning worldwide. There's more, too. Here are the details we'd love to convey to the teen in your life.


Grade 9 Project Week 

Project Week is a travel experience that takes Grade 9 students to locations in and beyond Indonesia across 12 countries, including Australia, China, Thailand, Tibet and Vietnam. Project Week takes place in October with trips varying in length between 5 and 7 days. A Jakarta-based program is also offered for students who want to more fully experience the nation's capital. As part of a cohesive Grade 9 English curriculum, all students gather photos, observations and reflections as travel writers during the trips and publish travel articles upon their return to JIS. See below for excerpts.

The program is a natural extension of the Extended Studies Program in Middle School. It reflects our commitment to greater understanding and appreciation of both our host country and our region of the world- a fundamental element of education in an international environment.   

Each Project Week trip has intrinsic value and develops a character of its own. Some emphasize outdoor/physical challenge (hiking through Nepal or climbing waterfalls in Northern Australia), others a strong cultural focus (exploring the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Great Wall of China) and others an environmental focus (restoring coral reefs in Manado, Indonesia). While most combine a number of these elements, an increasing number offer some element of Service Learning, and all help students further develop their qualities as JIS Learners.