Learning + All of Us = Our School

It is only fair to let you know from the beginning that learning is our main priority at JIS, and learning changes us.

There's no way around it. We believe learning is "a developmental, life-long process that transforms us by challenging thinking, and building knowledge, skills and understanding." As you can see from our Mission Statement below, we work together to accomplish a lot of aspirational things at JIS-- including transformational learning and personal excellence for a purpose.

JIS Mission-2011

A Coherent JIS Experience

In this section, we highlight aspects of a JIS education that support and enrich learning for all students. As One School we develop these priorities because we want each student to enjoy a coherent JIS experience in areas that matter most to all of us.

At the same time we want to create the "just-right" environments for student learning to flourish at each Division. That's why our Elementary program looks different from our High School program, though both affirm a common commitment to learning and are equally appropriate, inspiring and challenging for students. 


One schoolwide structure we use to support learning at all Divisions is Professional Learning Communities (or PLCs).  In this trained approach, teams of teachers focus their learning discussions on three essential questions and use student learning data to inform their teaching. This process helps every teacher at every level focus on student learning collaboratively while growing as professionals at the same time.