Middle School (Grade 6 - 8)

Middle School is about connections. It's a time to build powerful bonds between friends, between learning and real life, between interests and actual experiences. Soon enough hard choices about college and life direction will emerge, but this is a time to explore joyfully and freely -- leaving no possible strength or talent undeveloped. Wondering what Middle School at JIS is like? Here's a peek at the school we love. 

Middle Schoolers ask key questions about themselves as they explore the world and transition from childhood to adolescence, academically and emotionally. We believe this period is best accompanied by a broad, balanced and personally challenging education that grabs and keeps a child's attention and further fuels a love of learning.

MS Schedule

Each school year is organized into two semesters. Courses can be one or two semesters in length. The Middle School utilizes a block schedule format. Each student attends two academic core blocks and two exploratory or elective blocks per day. The core blocks are 90 minutes and the elective/exploratory blocks are 70 minutes in length.

Academic Core Classes

Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies/World Studies are considered academic Core classes. The 90-minute block for each Core class allows students to explore subjects in greater depth, to understand topics through relevant activities, and to be team-taught by teachers across disciplines when opportunities arise. 

Full explanations of all Core classes, including our unique tiered approach to Math can be found in the MS Course Description Guide. 

The Elective and Exploratory Program

Beyond Core classes, our elective and exploratory courses encourage students to explore areas of interest, attempt new challenges, and develop new or existing skills. Efforts are made to provide balanced exposure between visual arts, performing arts, and technology courses. 

Possible Grades 6, 7 Exploratories

Technology, Design Art, Movement, Indonesian Art, Vocal Music, Drama, Indonesian Studies, Electronic World, Robotics, Navigating Middle School

Possible Grade 8 Electives

Advanced Band, Advanced Strings, Movement, Theatre Workshop, Vocal Performance, Design Art, Ceramics & Sculpture, Drawing & Painting

Limited Electives are available to students in Grades 6 and 7 in the areas of instrumental music and modern languages. These include Beginner and Intermediate Band and Strings; and Indonesian, Spanish, French and Mandarin.

See MS Course Description Guide for more detail, including a flow chart for Modern Languages.