Middle School (Grade 6 - 8)

Middle School is about connections. It's a time to build powerful bonds between friends, between learning and real life, between interests and actual experiences. Soon enough hard choices about college and life direction will emerge, but this is a time to explore joyfully and freely -- leaving no possible strength or talent undeveloped. Wondering what Middle School at JIS is like? Here's a peek at the school we love. 


Extended Studies Program

The Extended Study Program (ESP) takes all Grade 6, 7 and 8 students on an unforgettable Indonesian travel experience. The program includes one week of travel in April or May, during the second semester of each year.

Travel Plans

Starting close to home in Grade 6, students travel to the rice fields, lakes and rivers of Bogor, a town situated an hour from Jakarta on the way to the tea plantations of Puncak.

In Grade 7, students venture further to the island of Bali. This cultural quest allows students to choose itineraries and activities with different themes and degrees of adventure. Students study Bali as part of their World Studies Curriculum and this trip links the learning outcomes with this course.

In Grade 8, students choose from a range of locations throughout Java and pick the level of challenge that suits them best. Each trip focuses on the same three objectives: Cultural appreciation, service learning and personal growth and development. Recents trips have put emphasis on the marine environment, endangered species, communities, indigenous rights and conservation.

Regardless of the destination, when students pay the archipelago an extended visit, they gain an appreciation for Indonesian culture and language, further develop their skills in new learning environments, and build naturally on local travel experiences they enjoyed in Elementary School at JIS. 


The Extended Study Program is a compulsory component of the Middle School curriculum and is an additional expense beyond regular tuition fees. However, many companies that pay dependent tuition also cover the cost of ESP’s.