Student Support Services

"Nothing happens in teaching until it happens to the learner..." - Carl Hansen

The Student Support Team (SST) consists of counselors, learning specialists and administrators who meets weekly to review the cases of students who are experiencing academic, social or emotional difficulties at school. The task of this group is to discuss ways to help individual students find solutions to these challenges. Members of the Student Support Services team serve as advocates for students in the school environment and assist them in gaining self-knowledge to become productive, self-confident individuals.

Counseling and Guidance

Students work closely with counselors to choose courses, set goals and build complete, individually-tailored programs incorporating academic and co-curricular activities.

Learning Support

JIS students are expected to enroll in regular classes and meet requirements with a minimum of special assistance. However, we also have a Learning Support Program to provide academic support for those students experiencing learning difficulties.

Learning Support Specialists collaborate, as necessary, with counselors, students, faculty and families to provide the following services:

  • Identifying and testing students with special needs
  • Developing individual education plans
  • Providing direct instruction and guidance
  • Coordinating special accommodations
  • Making classroom observations