Technology, Library and Media Services

If you want to learn naturally and skillfully, using every available tool in a changing world, the JIS tech, media and library cultures will support your quest. 

JIS wants learners to experience inspired, insightful learning with relevant tools. For centuries, schools have used books as the primary tool for engaging learners in the "great conversation" of ideas, along with conversation itself, the most powerful learning tool of all.  In the 21st Century, technology has added a whole new dimension to the act of conversing and to the process of learning.  At JIS, we empower students to be critical and fluent participants in the ever-expanding global learning conversation in all of its forms.


Throughout the JIS community, we believe learning with technology should be dynamic and borderless, thriving in real and virtual spaces; expansive, empowering us with the skills and opportunities to creatively express our understanding in new dimensions; personal and compelling, occurring naturally as it does in other aspects of our lives; and purposeful, enriching our understanding of how and what we learn.

To realize this vision, we provide an integrated, developmental approach to the use of technology for learning. In the Elementary Schools, our philosophy is supported through 1:1 classroom access to 1:1 iPads in Grade 2-4 and 1:1 MacBooks in Grade 5.  In the Middle and High Schools, students are issued a Macbook for learning at school and at home, enabling them to further develop the skills to confidently and competently create, collaborate and communicate in the digital realm.