Learning Dispositions

We recently adopted four learning dispositions that we believe are essential to all of us as we go through life. These four key dispositions are modeled, taught and reported on across the school. In addition, we are looking to develop feedback models for everyone at JIS on our development in these essential domains. The JIS Dispositions are based on the BLP™ framework and the research of Prof. Guy Claxton.

The JIS Learning Dispositions provide a thread through the entire school in terms of attributes that we believe are essential and can be developed. We are in the early days of this work at JIS and look forward to developing better ways to teach, provide feedback on, and grow the new four R's in all of us.

  • Resilience
    Absorption • Managing Distractions • Noticing • Perseverance
  • Resourcefulness
    Questioning • Making Links • Imagining • Reasoning • Capitalizing
  • Relating
    Interdependence • Collaboration • Empathy and Listening • Imitation
  • Reflectiveness
    Planning • Revising • Distilling
    • Meta-Learning