The JIS Story iBook

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English Version 

Before downloading the Jakarta Intercultural School iBook, please read the following directions:

The iBook can only be used on Apple OS X and iOS devices. You must have at least an iPad Air or an iPhone 5 with sufficient (>3 GB) free storage; a MacBook with sufficient memory may also be used.

You will need a strong internet connection. It is not recommended to download over a cellular network. Be patient as the download is large (700 Mb) and can take 15 minutes or longer depending on your connection speed.

Once the download starts you will see a grey spinning wheel processing icon. It is not a progress bar. Again, it is a large file and will take some time to download.

Once the download is complete, iPad/iPhone users will be prompted to open the file in iBooks. MacBook users should simply click the downloaded icon to open it in iBooks.

Click Here to Start the Download  

Questions? Please contact Matthew Schafer ( ) in the High School Library.