Christophe Henry

Middle School Principal

As a child, I enjoyed a rural Nova Scotian upbringing influenced by European parentage. While my sister and I were deeply rooted in English Canadian culture, opportunities to connect with relatives in Europe undeniably influencing my future desire to see the rest of the world. My first teaching experience was in British Columbia, seemingly a foreign land at the time, and perhaps the most beautiful location on Earth. There, I met Leslie and convinced her I was worth marrying. We taught in Prince Rupert and Squamish for a total of 8 years. Our wanderlust led us to Moscow, where we would spend 8 years in various positions, ultimately that of Middle School Principal and Elementary School Librarian. We are fortunate to occupy the same positions at Jakarta International School. Before leaving Russia for Indonesia, our daughter Zoe was born. She is now a fourth grade student at Pattimura Elementary School.

Like so many past and present members of the JIS community, I feel privileged to be living in Indonesia. For those contemplating a move to Jakarta, sampai nanti!


Anthea Clifton

MS Vice Principal

From the small communities, blue skies and wide-open spaces of Australia my husband, eldest daughter and I found ourselves driving through the streets of Jakarta in January 1997. Since then there have seen so many changes: we’re now a family of five, and Jakarta has grown bigger and busier than ever.The rich and diverse culture of Indonesia has nurtured our family and challenged us to grow and evolve into true global citizens. For me JIS has been a place that has allowed me to work with outstanding educators and also provided my own children with a truly special education. My favorite learning space is when I’m outdoors riding my bike and I have the opportunity for some uninterrupted moments of self-reflection.