At a Glance

To be honest, JIS is better experienced than summarized. It's hard to condense a school so dynamic into a few simple plotlines. However, here is our attempt to offer a combination of facts and philosophy to help you become better acquainted with Our School.
Girl with Paper Binoculars


Our students represent approximately sixty nationalities with a total enrollment of 2,400 across four campuses. JIS learners include teachers, parents, staff and administrators who support student learning as their central priority.


Representing twenty nationalities, JIS teachers are drawn from among the best international educators in the world. Faculty members stay at JIS for an average of seven years, supported in their professional growth by a dynamic and well-funded professional development program and collaborative professional learning communities.


JIS parents find meaningful and varied ways to engage in their child’s learning and life at JIS. They are crucial members of the learning partnership. Those with a volunteer spirit will find formal opportunities to serve through the Board of Patrons, the Parent Teacher Association, student stores at various divisions, and the JIS Parents' Booster Club.* Parent involvement in strategic committees, event planning and orientation & transition work at JIS is common and welcome.

*Links to parent information pages coming soon. 

A gift from the Class of '05, the Dragon Fountain has become a central landmark on the Cilandak High School Campus and marks both a crossroads and a gathering place for faculty and students. While Pondok Indah Elementary identifies with the cicak (lizard) and Pattimura Elementary with its iconic Pattimura tree, JIS athletes and athletic teams are known as the Jakarta Dragons. You'll know the Naga Nation is near when you hear our inspired cheer: "Naga, Naga, Naga! Oy, oy, oy!"