At a Glance

To be honest, JIS is better experienced than summarized. It's hard to condense a school so dynamic into a few simple plotlines. However, here is our attempt to offer a combination of facts and philosophy to help you become better acquainted with Our School.

Facilities Highlights

JIS campuses and facilities support exceptional curricular and co-curricular learning experiences for students in safe, clean and well-protected spaces. Each campus offers air-conditioned and wireless classrooms; dedicated visual and performing arts theaters; technology labs; age-appropriate library/media centers; cafeterias; as well as swimming pools, fields, covered recreational spaces and gymnasiums. Each JIS campus offers a serene, tropical oasis for the JIS Community in Jakarta.

PIE Campus

Pondok Indah Elementary (PIE) is situated on 9 acres in the heart of residential Pondok Indah within walking distance of the Cilandak campus. It is the newest of the three JIS campuses and serves approximately 540 students.

PEL Campus

The Pattimura Elementary (PEL) campus is located on 2.5 acres in Kebayaron Baru, South Jakarta. The smallest and most historic of the JIS campuses, it hosts approximately 400 students.

CIL Campus

The campus at Cilandak (pronounced chi-'lan-dack) hosts both the Middle School and High School. Located on 28 lush acres, the campus is home to approximately 900 high school and 600 middle school students.

A gift from the Class of '05, the Dragon Fountain has become a central landmark on the Cilandak High School Campus and marks both a crossroads and a gathering place for faculty and students. While Pondok Indah Elementary identifies with the cicak (lizard) and Pattimura Elementary with its iconic Pattimura tree, JIS athletes and athletic teams are known as the Jakarta Dragons. You'll know the Naga Nation is near when you hear our inspired cheer: "Naga, Naga, Naga! Oy, oy, oy!"