At a Glance

To be honest, JIS is better experienced than summarized. It's hard to condense a school so dynamic into a few simple plotlines. However, here is our attempt to offer a combination of facts and philosophy to help you become better acquainted with Our School.
Thousand Islands

Curriculum and Instruction

Instruction at JIS is in English. Curricula from EC I to Grade 10 are drawn from best international practices and standards. Students may elect to pursue a full International Baccalaureate diploma during their junior and senior years (Grades 11 and 12), or enroll in individual IB and/or Advanced Placement courses to ensure a program that enhances personal excellence.

Three JIS Divisions

Under the direction of the Head of School, each division (Elementary, Middle School and High School) is led by an administrative team, including a Principal and one or two Vice-Principals.


JIS is accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Academic Year

The JIS Calendar covers 36 weeks over two semesters, August-December and January-June.

Class Size

Class sizes at Jakarta International range from 12-22 students. The school organizes classes in the best possible way to structure engaging learning for all students appropriate to the subject and course.

Student Support Services

A wide range of support services are available at each division provided by multi-disciplinary professionals to service students with mild special learning needs.


Technology plays an important role in our dynamic learning community, and we are in the process of retooling to meet the demands of a new generation of learners. By 2012, JIS will implement a 1:1 program in grades 6 – 12, giving students personal access to a mobile computing device in a wireless environment at school. At every grade, we aim to expand learning opportunities that empower students to be critical consumers and creative producers of knowledge and media in digital form.

Service & Environmental Stewardship

Meaningful service is being embedded into the curriculum, changing both the giver and the receiver. Instruction, action and reflection enable students to learn about themselves. Students develop responsibility toward others and for the world around them.

Unique Measures of Excellence

JIS mentors students to pursue personal excellence – often reflected in exceptional test scores, university acceptances and academic performance, but always with the essential purpose of stewarding their knowledge, gifts and competence to make a lifelong difference for the world from EC I to old age.

Test Results

Jakarta Intercultural School uses a range of test results and other qualitative evidence to support responsive instruction and high levels of learning. Tests that inform program and student learning include the International Schools Assessment, Measures of Academic Progress, the Development Reading Assessment and the International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement Examinations.

University Preparation

With the student at the center of a supportive process, JIS counselors help each student discover and gain acceptance to the university where each is likely to make the greatest immediate contribution and healthiest personal adjustment, while also finding the support, capacity and rigor to maximize personal excellence and fulfill life goals. In the role of both teacher and counselor, we provide students with the information and guidance necessary to make these well-informed decisions that are best for each individual. We provide support through graduation and beyond with the search, application, and final decision-making processes.

A gift from the Class of '05, the Dragon Fountain has become a central landmark on the Cilandak High School Campus and marks both a crossroads and a gathering place for faculty and students. While Pondok Indah Elementary identifies with the cicak (lizard) and Pattimura Elementary with its iconic Pattimura tree, JIS athletes and athletic teams are known as the Jakarta Dragons. You'll know the Naga Nation is near when you hear our inspired cheer: "Naga, Naga, Naga! Oy, oy, oy!"