At a Glance

To be honest, JIS is better experienced than summarized. It's hard to condense a school so dynamic into a few simple plotlines. However, here is our attempt to offer a combination of facts and philosophy to help you become better acquainted with Our School.

Co-Curricular Programs

JIS students enjoy a broad cross-section of activities, sports, clubs and events that engage their interests and develop their talents. Visual and performing arts, travel, competitive athletics, JIS Academy courses, after-school activities, and celebrated annual events like UN Day on each campus unite the JIS Community and allow for personal expression and personal excellence.

To experience what it's like to learn, compete, perform and connect at JIS, enter JIS Live. As well, visit JIS Academy and the Divisional pages.

A gift from the Class of '05, the Dragon Fountain has become a central landmark on the Cilandak High School Campus and marks both a crossroads and a gathering place for faculty and students. While Pondok Indah Elementary identifies with the cicak (lizard) and Pattimura Elementary with its iconic Pattimura tree, JIS athletes and athletic teams are known as the Jakarta Dragons. You'll know the Naga Nation is near when you hear our inspired cheer: "Naga, Naga, Naga! Oy, oy, oy!"